Walking in Bilbao

Bilbao, home to the Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Gehry, is sort of the “capital” of Spain’s Basque Country. It is worth a visit, and although I’ve been there a couple of times before, on my last trip to Spain, I spent a few hours there, roaming around. Here are some of the things I saw on this and some of my other trips.



The Guggenheim

Perhaps the most important aspect of Bilbao is the museum. Its silver design and the giant Puppy, which is made of real flowers, and the enormous spider around back are unmistakably Bilbao. It doesn’t hurt when you see it in silhouette at sunset.

Bilbao street art

Art abounds, from giant sculptures to brightly colored buildings and everything in between.

Bilbao River Estuary

A Port City

Bilbao is a port city, with its river estuary figuring prominently in parts of the city-scape. There are some really spectacular bridges, although on the last trip the Salve Bridge, center top, was being worked on and largly covered with tarps or some such.  Top right is the pedestrian bridge, Zubizuri. And not pictured, unfortunately, is Puente Vizcaya, a UNESCO world heritage site. Take a look here.

Bilbao green space

Abundant Greenspaces

Bilbao has plenty of greenspace. The above photos were all taken in less than a kilometer walk, I’m fairly certain. This is a city that loves to breathe, hence, TREES. And where there are greenspaces, there are statues.

Bilbao look up

Keep Looking Up

While walking around Paris one day, a friend said to me, “Remember, when in Paris, always look up! You never know what kind of beautiful things are hanging around on these fantastic, old buildings!” That’s equally true in Spanish cities, where windows are opportunities for amateur gardeners to show off their artistic abilities with flowers and plants. And you never know, you might even see a mermaid-ish figurehead decorating a restaurant front, or some guys hanging off the side of the Corte Inglés!

Enjoy your next trip to Bilbao!

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