Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard 2013b (9)

I spent a few hours at France’s Pont du Gard a couple of weeks ago. Literally, “bridge of the River Gard,” it’s an aqueduct dating to the first century. It is beautiful, ancient, and spans a watery playground for kayakers, canoe-ers, and swimmers. I had to compare it to Segovia’s aqueduct, equally beautiful and ancient, and while Segovia’s doesn’t have a refreshing river below it, it was in nearly continuous use until well into the twentieth century, long after Pont du Gard fell into disrepair and disuse quite soon after being built.

Segovia's Aqueduct

Segovia’s Aqueduct

One thing about France’s Pont du Gard that certainly surpasses Segovia’s, however, is the light show that goes on there every night in July. It begins at dusk and continues until well after dark. It is quite lovely to watch.

Pont du Gard 2013b (10)

Pont du Gard 2013Pont du Gard 2013 (8)

Pont du Gard 2013 (1)

Pont du Gard 2013 (14)

Pont du Gard 2013 (30)

Pont du Gard 2013 (37)

Yeah, that’s the moon hanging low above the aqueduct. If the whole effect looks impressive here, well, it doesn’t even approach what it looks like from fifty meters away. I’m fond of bridge in the cobalt blue. Which one do you like best?

For info on the Pont du Gard, in English:    http://www.pontdugard.fr/en

For info on Segovia’s aqueduct, in English:  http://www.spain.info/en_US/reportajes/el_acueducto_de_segovia_la_huella_del_imperio_romano_en_castilla.html


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3 Responses to Pont du Gard

  1. oooh, that brings back memories.

    I was working on a village restoration project and we had the occasional day off and trip out – one was to Pont du Gard (we to taken so not such a bad deal working for nothing). Some crazy Americans decided to walk on the top part! Not for me. But a beautiful aqueduct. I stayed at the bottom and admired their bravery.

  2. Lego John (John T!) says:

    I LOVED the green lights picture. Absolutely glorious!

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